[Day 140 2013] Faces of India

I had first seen the page Faces of India sometime ago and loved the idea of it. Long ago I had started something called Friday Faces which fizzled out due to a not so strong photography love at that time. But this time when I went to Kufri I met Indrani who ran yet again successful Faces of India campaign, she has finished 100 faces already (applause) and that encouraged me to think about doing something similar on my blog. So starting this week once a week (hopefully) I will share a Face of India with you. It could be a friend, family, a random person I saw on the street in my travel, someone who inspired me with a talk or someone I just met.

Here is the first face, a woman I saw in my recent trip to Kufri/Chail. She had a certain command and strength about her. A very strong and beautiful (so typically pahari) face with slight lines of maturity and reflection of experience that it brings along. Something allured me towards her and the slight smoke coming out of her mouth due to the cold weather just completes the picture



2 thoughts on “[Day 140 2013] Faces of India

  1. It’s a typical strong and mature face! I love that you clicked it just when the mist was coming out of her mouth! Hope you continue this project! There are so many interesting faces all around us!

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