Faces of India 18

I have said this again and I say this again, there is something about capturing old people on camera. The character, the lines, the wisdom all shines through the pictures. I love clicking people but I really love clicking babies and old people the most

This one was clicked at Anjuna Beach Goa, we were doing girlie shopping on the many shops on the side. I was fascinated by her, I controlled the urge to click her since I didn’t have my camera along with me but felt myself drawn to her face again,  so borrowed a friend’s camera and went back to her. When I asked her “ek photo le loon” (can I click a picture) she smiled and nodded. I took a couple of shots and showed her. She liked this one and said “thoda smile kam hai but” (smile is a little less though) and then told me “acha ab picture le liya, ab meri shop se kuch kharidna padega” (now that you have taken a picture, you must buy something from my shop)

Made me smile wide that one



One thought on “Faces of India 18

  1. lol!!! So what did you buy?
    This also reminds me of the pic that I had clicked of the lady who was cutting mangoes for achaar…will post it one day 🙂

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