100 Happy Days : Day 1

So yet again I couldn’t complete project 365 last year. though I came close at 255… one day I will, one year I will

but till then, I have am starting another project 100 Happy Days a friend shared on her page and I loved the idea behind it. A couple of teamed up and will be encouraging each other in a FB event that we have started as a part of the Marathon Bloggers group that I run. Fun times ahead. So stay tuned for happiness on my blog for the next 100 days 🙂

For day 1 we have flowers, something that always makes me happy. A friend got me a bunch of lilies, a bud broke so I filled up a tea-cup with water and kept it next to my laptop on the desk. It bloomed and looked so pretty. It’s a phone pic so forgive the quality but 100 happy days is more about happiness than picture quality 🙂

photo (25)

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