[Day 117 2013] Z is for Zoom

And thats what we did recently when we went for a weekend break to Mugilu, Sakleshpur. There was a grass plateau near that place and we spent good amount of time doing drifting and having fun. The kick that we got from the dust flying behind us, god we were like kids 🙂


and with this we come to the end of the challenge I took upon a month ago, there have been days where I have instantly found a match, there have been days when I had to click a picture specially, there have been days where I have spent many hours looking at my archives wondering what the hell to post, there has also been a picture which I am not was a correct match but all in all Its been an amazing ride. Something that challenged me enough and added a twist to the 365 I was doing and what kept me going was the lovely set of blogger as a part of the FB group A2Zers started by the lovely Corrine. Roshini in her post sums up most of what I wanted to say too and thanks to everyone who commented on my blog everyday. You may not realise but that one comment went a long way in motivating me and keeping me at it.

I started the challenge with two blogs, went up to G in the other one and gave up. April was a busy month and I saw myself losing sleep and struggling with workshops that I was doing, the other work was at crazy high too and I thought its not worth killing myself and I let go of the other blog. I will eventually complete the A to Z there at my own pace.

Another regret I have for April is that I didn’t visit many blogs but frankly the amount of time I had for the decision was to either read and comment or write your own, the former unfortunately suffered because of time. But June will be a easy month and I will come and back and comment on those blogs… I have promised myself and then we will all remember this A to Z again

I enjoyed doing this, hope you enjoyed looking at the A2Z via my lens too


9 thoughts on “[Day 117 2013] Z is for Zoom

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Monika! i’m so happy to have discovered your blog! It’s been a pleasure and I’m definitely planning to keep visiting!

  2. Can understand the commitments with kids and work and ALL THINGS !
    glad to know u and ur food blog 🙂 Take care and keep in touch. Congrats on finishing the challenge

  3. It is very difficult to manage to write and comment, especially when other commitments in the real world continue on schedule. I too was not able to do as much by way of commenting as I would have liked to. I am happy we completed the challenge well.

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