Day 54 : Driving in Nauwari Saree

Spotted in Lavasa Womens Drive these lovely ladies drove in these sarees… and we discussed the pros and cons of it…. result was that its very convenient to drive in this but damn it will be difficult to take a loo break 😛

And you folks waiting for my Friday Faces… sorry just got toooo busy today will schedule in advance from next time

7 thoughts on “Day 54 : Driving in Nauwari Saree

  1. Monu,

    You get made-to-order nauwari sarees in Pune now. They are the kind you can pull on like salwars. They even allow you to choose the sarees from which they will be “constructed” . So loo breaks shouldnt be a problem…….

  2. LOL @ difficult to take a loo break
    but as Suranga has mentioned, there are made-to-order sarees available these days, so that could be helpful 🙂 we get them in south india too.
    btw tht is a lovely shot. the ladies look typically maharashtrian and lovely 🙂 i love the nath – the nose ring that maharashtrian ladies wear..

  3. Pretty ladies and beautiful saris. 🙂 🙂

    Oh no Monu, there is a technique….my dadi wears the 9-yards Tamilian style of sari everyday….and she is an expert at these technicalities….have learnt it from her. 🙂

  4. I absolutely love this photo. I love the juxtaposition of the traditional with the modern, done this way, taking the best of both worlds. And God! how I want to learn to drape the Navari! Traditionally, a saree worth this way, has no panty or petticoat inside, so the loo breaks can be managed, though I am sure these ladies are not wearing it ‘that traditionally’!!

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