Day 10 : The madness of an Indian Wedding

The below picture is actually the bride’s lehenga… yeah yeah is packed in a crazily expensive packing and style for gifting… such are the ways of an Indian (may be Delhi) wedding these days… It looks super cute there is no doubt about that but I was super shocked to see so much money and effort and being spent on packing… we indeed have come a long way as a nation from when the bridal attire just used to be put in the bride’s jholi (lap)


Do u think this qualifies as Thursday Challenge the theme of which is Textures this time….

21 thoughts on “Day 10 : The madness of an Indian Wedding

  1. Indeed, I seriously don’t give a second thought about the packing, but then the Wifee is a fanatic when it comes to packing. She is the one who can put in more effort in packing a thing then she actually put in choosing it 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful – the lehenga
    I’ve never seen a Delhi wedding at such close quarters – so I’m really enjoying these posts. Thanks, and keep them coming 🙂

  3. I spend more time packing than I spend shopping, so this is right up my alley. If there is a wedding in the family, I go underground otherwise my evenings get highjacked by bhuas or maasis or the likes. The best I did was a naamkaran for a nephew. I actually made small jhoolas in which baby blue satin beds were placed with small rattles and a krishna doll, along with the invite. It looked totally opulent and so classy. Its fun, but very time consuming

  4. Haa! One-time affair which makes for some gr8 memories 🙂

    Not sure how I would have preferred it; I luv that putting in the jholi thing. Connects with me well 🙂 But I loveeeeeee all the stuff there 🙂

  5. hmmm they are expensive .. I know a few years back on my sisters wedding I KNOW how much it costs .. cause in my silliness i told her , your brother earns in pounds so from my side i will gift her that and she too had to go and choose probably the most expensive one .. and as they say in punjabi


    (when the bill came i said , Oh my heart , Oh my heart)

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