Day 8 : Pholon walli Chaddar

There is a tradition in Punjabi weddings (which has now virtually being taken up by all north Indian weddings) that the bride is brought to the mandap under a pholon walli chaddar (a flower bedsheet) which is basically flowers weaved together and than tied in a frame to resemble a bedsheet.. It just looks lovely to see the bride walking under it the chaddar being held by the loving and proud brothers. And now a days the custom has extended itself to engagements too because of the sheer sweetness of it Smile 

So here is the shot of the chaddar kept in the side before it was put to use along with a vase…



7 thoughts on “Day 8 : Pholon walli Chaddar

  1. I guess the age old custom of having a phulkari which was traditionaly a bedsheet hand embroided by the bride herself has given way to this cause modern brides dont have time to do it. It use to be called a BAAGH usuaaly red in colour. My mum had a few which she had from her mum and she gave to my sis.. And so on

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